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How To Be Alone 1

How To Be Alone

Every once in a while I’m inspired by someone courage to speak out against the norm. The norm = what society has taught us to conform to without questioning why. Tanya Davis poem is...

Candid Photography 2

Candid Photography

Everyone knows what the definition of candid photography is right? An un-posed and unplanned photography of someone. I will be doing tons of this come the end of March. I’m headed back home to...

Should I Start Voting? 8

Should I Start Voting?

This has been an ongoing question, not only other people ask, I ask myself every now and again. Some of my colleague(s) at work try to get me to see why I should vote....

Black Man Protesting for Job 0

Black Man Protesting for Job

I found this image to be one of the most powerful photos I have ever laid my eyes on. We know the history of our country. African Americans had a very rough go at fighting for equality. No need for a history lesson for this photo. However, I’d like to share my experiences being black.

Ron Mueck 3

Ron Mueck

Have you ever heard of the film “Labyrinth“? It was a 1986 fantasy film with David Bowie playing Jareth the Goblin King. It casted stars like Jennifer Connelly, again David Bowie. But this post...