Finding Power & Purpose Through Adversity

When Life Hand You Lemons...Make Lemonade!

So much of our self worth was developed before we even knew what it meant. Do you know what happens to you if you develop feelings of unworthiness? Most individuals will go through life wanting to become their greatest self yet feel like they don’t deserve it. Why is that? It’s because they can’t identify why. Why the emptiness they feel won’t go away. Why the depression they experience won’t disappear. Or, why the pain they know won’t ever subside.

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Dynamic Leadership

The misunderstanding of leading leaders

Raymonn doesn’t just talk about leadership principles – he lives it. From his beginning days as college athlete to his start-up years of innovative businesses, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with the right skills to lead the way. Raymonn is connected to what it means to be a leader amongst leaders and he lives to continue to develop dynamic leaders and teams daily. You’re leaving a legacy in this world whether you realize it or not. What you do with your life will boil down to one question: what do you want to be remembered for?

When you have the answer to that question, you’ll know what to do. But remember this, just because you’re the best player, it doesn’t mean you’re the best leader.

Discover Dynamic Team Leadership. This is your legacy.

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Voice of Triumph

Inner Dialogue: Power Positive Self-Talk

Millions of people believe they are meant to live extraordinary lives. They have the skills, the attributes, the experiences, as well as the resources to achieve any and every thing they could possibly desire in life. Yet people consistently find themselves in a funk. Why?

Self sabotage. It’s several voices in your mind only you can hear. These are the thoughts you hear inside that, instead of building you up, keep putting you down. Raymonn’s life was completely derailed and he spiraled into darkness, destruction, and despair. This was the effect of his very own, self-sabotage.

What does your inner voice say? Discover how to be persistent with powerful self-talk.

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